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Psychic Ritual

My Akashic reading with Brittnie was incredible- literally one of the most uplifting and heart warming experiences of my life! Her channeling was clear, precise and had a vast amount of information. She balances being friendly and welcoming, with professionalism and grace. I am so grateful to have had my reading and I highly recommend her to others 🙌✍️💞🌈

~Marie Parkinson~

"Had my Akashic reading with Brittnie and it was amazing!! She said things I have always felt and knew deep within but never told a soul! Everything she mentioned in my reading was confirmation for me as it resonates deeply.. Brittnie has an amazing gift and I will be returning for another reading!"

~Jessica G~

Brittnie  is a absolutely superlative gifted, extremely intuitive practitioner and she is a genuinely kind, loving person. My multiple readings with Brittnie provided the valuable insight I was looking for and she has a clear, authentic connection to the Akashic records - I was fully at ease throughout and it seemed effortless for her. I found Brittnie to be such a excellent practitioner, she helped me gain the deeper clarity I needed which I was looking for. 

The messages that came through were just what I needed to hear, I even received information that a certain fear I have carried for years is linked to a past-life trauma. The multiple sessions were really healing in themselves and they also gave me a number of areas to work on for my highest good. 

I felt her channeling and knowledge has given me the precise answers and accurate insights I needed for myself  to see my true path in my current life incarnation . I also released a multitude of blockages that was holding me back. I felt more at ease after the readings, I became more certain about my life path. 

Brittnie , you have the ability of being able to bring clarity and light into people’s lives. This reading gave me instant clarity, I received so much out of the session and truly got the answers I was searching for. Your ability to connect spiritually on that level to offer what you do to others is just divine. 

If you’re looking for a powerful Akashic records reading, I would specially recommend working with Brittnie in a heartbeat. I felt so deeply resonated when she was conducting her sessions. Things have definitely changed for the better and I’m truly grateful for the work Brittnie is doing. Thank you onto infinity!

I would highly recommend Brittnie for her exquisite and awesome reading sessions .

~Ronald Jayce Johnson~

  "Brittnie read my Akashic records for me and I was very satisfied with the results.

   She told me about my past lifetimes as extra terrestrials and my lifetimes on Earth.


   I found it to be a very enlightening and inspiring experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone seeking knowledge about their soul's past."

~Jonathan S~

  “I was truly blessed when I ended up crossing paths with the gifted Brittnie of Merging The Parallel's. I have had many readings over the years, but none compared to the accuracy and depth of what Brittine provided me. Not only did the session help to promote my healing on an emotional level, it helped on a physical too. I will continue to work with Brittnie on my spiritual path and suggest to anyone looking for a reader to look no further.”

~Kourtnie B~

  "I had the most incredible Akashic records reading done by Brittnie. My spiritual journey began a year and a half ago when I lost Everything and was forced out of my comfort zone! I had many questions to who am I, what am I here to do and where am I going. She prepared me with the most accurate information I have ever received by a reader. She answered all my questions in depth. Her reading helped me heal from old traumas I was still carrying. She told me things I always knew but could never speak about. Her service's to humanity is a gift to this world. I highly recommend her to all who are soul searching."

~Meghan W~

I had not communicated at all with Brittnie until the moment I felt the pull towards her. Reaching out asking for a chanelled reading and diving into my personal Akashic records. 

We live time zones apart and I received the records in good time. 

I was amazed at what I was reading, so much I related to, so much explaining me. 

I would highly recommend Brittnie for your Akashic record reading. 

Brittnie, thank you thank you thank you. I love following you on social media, I love reading your channelled messages. I feel honoured to have you in my life now. 

~Kellie B~

   Having a reading with Brittnie is like no other! She’s professional, on time and thorough. But more importantly she's accurate. Her gifts, to be able to connected and guide, are beautiful! Brittnie is able to connect to the information you want or need. Her ability to go into the depths of information in the Akashic field astounds me.

   I have had multiple session with Brittnie about all sorts of topics in my life, but my favorite sessions were the ones where she helped me understand my children and our mission here together. I value her readings, she has the ability to give such details, that connect you to her readings over and over. Brittnie is such a pleasure to work with! I will always be a client! 

~Shannon Deeds~

  Investigating who and what we are holds and unfolds magic into our lives, as our experience of ourselves deepens we see with sight undisturbed by what was once a mirror of fear encased within us for its time of recognition and acknowledgement to untwine it's tangles into liberated light remembrance of how naturally sacred we all are. 

  Brittnie's readings bring through that remembrance, her ability to read the records and translate endless streams of information about our beautifully unique souls is infinite, expanded and wonderfully priceless. 

  Each reading is as unique as each of us, they hold depth and an advancement that I've yet to come across anywhere else. 

  If you feel a resonant pull towards getting in touch with Brittnie or having a reading, listen to the call, she has a piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for. 

~Sunny M~

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