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Jan 30th 2022

Greetings Dear Ones, We are the Pleiadian Council. We come to share with you today some of our insights in regards to your current ascension energies.

Many of you Ascension forerunners have been confronted with situations that must require you to stand into your personal power completely to navigate throughout these next series of rapid spiking electromagnetic waves and gamma ray light codes. These events of transmissions are scheduled to penetrate though your Earths atmosphere throughout the entire month of February. Many of you are already begun integrating these energetics at this time.

The energetics that are being submerged onto your planetary sphere at this time is giving each and everyone of you Awakening Starseed Masters the opportunity to engage with your highest version of self and practices maintaining balance as the debris of what use to be begins to filter with your Divine Purity.

For those of you that are just beginning your evolutionary ascension journey, this is a very powerful time to begin to study thyself and all of your repetitive behaviors and thought patterns to make the requirements needed to clear stagnate space for expansion. Once repetitive patterns are recognized you are able to make conscious adjustments to what is no longer serving you in your new journey of self exploration. The great shedding of the false self is a very critical process to your evolutionary ascension leap.

We ask that ask all you beings of the Light near and far to embrace who you are through your soul center. Live, breathe, and become the physical embodiment of the Divine Master and Co-creator you ultimately are. You came to the Earth at this time to Be the Great Change from within, so that the surrounding energies have the opportunity to match your vibratory frequency. This is how new dimensions are created. The dimensions within self will always reflect the dimensions without.

We are pouring our Divine Light of Unconditional Love to You, Your Planet and all your planetary inhabitants. As we close this transmission, we thank each of you for giving us this opportunity to connect with you at this great time in human evolution.

- Pleiadian Council

Channeled by, Parallel Brittnie

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