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Feb 8th 2022

Greetings Dear Ones. We are the Pleiadian Council. We come to share with you today our insights on Human evolution.

As we energetically scan your collective consciousness many of you are experiencing difficulties with attachments. Attachments to jobs that are unsatisfying to your soul, many of you are struggling in relationships (friends, family, spouse) many of you are struggling with the attachments of whom you used to be and whom it is you are becoming as you awaken from the illusions of 3D matrix.

Dear Starseeded Masters in bloom, if it is no longer in alignment why do you continue to put yourselves into the energetics that are no longer serving and supporting your physical, spiritual, and mental health? We invite you to consciously ask yourself what is holding you back? Is it the fear of losing? Is it the fear of what others will think of you? Is it the fear of not making ends meet? Is it the fear of uncertainty?

What if we told you, nothing is truly yours but the Experience? What you seek to experience will always be! What experiences do you seek for fulfillment? We ask you what is in your immediate life that is no longer supporting your evolutionary growth? What is holding you back from becoming the highest most advanced version of self? We ask that you place your focus on emotional intelligence so that you can control the illusions of fear that are keeping you shackled to the aspect of you that are no longer in alignment with your magnificents.

We invite you to have a simple chat with your subconscious mind. We ask that you have a notebook and pen ready. We ask that you write down 3-5 questions to start. You may questions such as what is holding me back from divine happiness? What's holding you back from creating a new business and the life you dream of? What's holding you back from your freedom? What do I need to do to achieve my dreams?

Once you have the questions transferred onto your notebook or paper we like to invite you to answer these questions without your conscious mind by writingthe answers without thinking. Once you have answered your own questions, you will now have provided yourself with the blueprints of the subconscious patterns holding you back. You can use these subconscious answers to Achieve all you desire by identifying what has been blocking you all along.

Remember all that you have been waiting for is waiting for you. You will realize only the illusions of Fear have pinned you down. Placing fear in the path of becoming more of who you truly are will only create pain, disease within your physical vessel, premature aging, and disconnection with your Souls ultimate plan and truths.

We ask that you Now release all fear so that you may get out of your own way, as the path is awaiting for you to place 1 foot in front of the other. Fear not and stand in your All. We are the Pleiadian Council and we Believe in you as We are 1.

We thank you all for giving us this opportunity to connect with you today as we send our Love and Guidance to you, your planet, and all your planetary inhabitants.

-Pleiadian Council

Channeled by, Parallel Brittnie

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