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Collective Channeling 9/30/2021

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones...We are the Galactic Federation. We come to you with an important energy update to all Earths starseeded ground troops. Many of you are now experiencing time speeding up, timelines shifting, memory distortions followed by replacements of paralleled memories. There are High-precision photonic waves that are being directed straight to the Earth at this time and is currently speeding up what you perceive as time. These energetic waves are extending the web of your multidimensional awareness. You can compare these energetics to software upgrades and restoration. The upgrades you are currently receiving are designed to bring heighten awareness of your multidimensional expressions that are currently in parallel time/space. Other versions of you not of this current realm. You will begin to receive sudden flashes of memories of these parallel aspects that are so vivid its questionable in your reality as to if these events happened in this current timeline or other. This is common, you are not losing your mind Dear Ones. This is the bridge you are here to create that links to all aspects within as without. We also like to bring to your attention many of you are experiencing memory distortion. This memory distortion is simply the shedding of all dense social memory complex experiences that are no longer in residence with your current vibrational frequencies. We are pleased to announce many of you are going through this transition with ease! For those of you whom are struggling with the timeline meld, shift, and dismantling please tune into sounds of nature at 432hz to help stimulate any healing of anxiety and uncertainty followed by 528hz to support harmonious balance within mind, body, and soul. We like to thank you for this opportunity to connect with you at this time. -Galactic Federation, -Channeled by Parallel Brittnie °••☆••°

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