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Collective Channeling #1

Greetings Dear Ones...We are the Pleiadian Counsel. We come to you today to speak directly to those of you whom have awakened from the illusions of the 3D matrix...

We would like to shift your awareness to the "New Earth Children". Calibration and integrations between you the "Awakened Masters of Ascension" and the pure "Divine Creative Children" of your planet is developing rapidly and we are pleased to announce that you Dear Ones, made this unification possible.

You are able to fully integrate your emotional awareness with these magnificent beings as they use this integrated awareness as guidelines to navigate throughout their environment.

These children are highly sensitive to variations of light, sounds, and extreme temperature changes. These children are highly intuitive and intelligent beyond their earth years. Their empathy and compassion is beyond what many can comprehend. They are full of universal knowledge and are born with 5th-7th dimensional blueprinted templates.

It is up to you Dear ones to hold the vibrational foundation that is needed to allow these Divine pure souls to co-create the links to higher multidimensional frequencies. We ask you at this point in your time, to meld your delicate visions and dreams with these children. The stimulating correspondence between both energetics creates the wavelengths needed within your unified field as these connections are the very fabric that is creating opportunities into higher timeline shifts.

This is a part of your true mission here on your ascending planet. You have been preparing your entire life to harness the energetics needed to sustain the balance that allowed the incarnations of such higher dimensional beings. You have done magnificent work and remember you are limitless! It is YOU who give birth to the New Earth. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to connect with you.

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